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The Quoll Society of Australia is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the largest marsupial carnivores on the Australian mainland. All four species of quoll are threatened with extinction, but it's not too late to turn this around and protect quolls and their habitat.

Conserving quolls doesn't just help one species. As keystone predators, saving quolls also protects all those animals that share their habitat. Australia has already lost more mammals in the last 200 years than the rest of the world put together. With your help, we can help all those amazing Australian animals whose homes and lives are under threat.


Help us to save our unique and incredible quolls by joining QuollSA or donating today.


Check out our latest quoll sightings!

Our favourite male quoll, Mr Spot, has turned up 5 km away from where he was originally captured 2 months ago. Where will Mr Spot turn up next?

After spending two months in mum's pouch and a further three hidden the baby quolls now have to make their own way in the world. We hope they all survive!


Learn about our local quolls and what we are doing to save them


Check out our latest research and see what Mr Spot and his friends have been up to!


Learn how you can help save our quolls. They're counting on you!

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